Query Fever

This is it. The second round. It’s been almost a year since I queried literary agents in the hopes finding representation for “The Fallen Princess” and I’m going to start the process again. Although it won’t be any easier this time, at least now my novel has a logline, a more marketable word count (85K words, down from 120K) and a definite genre. But I’m still really nervous.

It’s kind of like going on an audition or applying for a job. You know the competition is intense, but you still have to take your shot. And as my husband often reminds me, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

The first time I sent out queries for “The Fallen Princess” (Valentine’s Day, 2011), I knew it would be a crapshoot, but I still wasn’t prepared for the sting of the rejections. Especially since all I got was form rejections. No requests for pages, no personal responses. After ten rejections, I wised up and realized I needed to revise the query a little more.

I ended up not only revising the query, but the whole book. Two entire rewrites, in fact. I’d like to think it improved in the process.

But I’m still anxious. The more agents I cross off my list, the smaller the pool gets. I have to remind myself that this is the first book I’ve ever tried to publish (NOT the first book I’ve written, but those two deserve to stay in their respective boxes in the basement!). Even if I fail this time, I have a new novel in progress, which I’m pretty excited about. And then, when I’ve finished it, I can take my shot again.

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