The Writer’s Voice Update

This is it! Today, the entries for The Writer’s Voice contest are up!

When The Writer’s Voice Contest was launched two weeks ago, 200 entries were admitted. Entries consisted of the query letter and first 250 words of our manuscripts. The four coaches (Cupid, Brenda, Monica, and Krista) each picked 11 people to be on their team. I was very excited when Krista Van Dolzer chose me to be on Team Krista! For a week, she worked with her team to help us revise our queries and first pages until they sparkled. It was like having a personal writing coach! 

All the revised entries for Team Krista, including mine for my YA fantasy romance, The Fallen Princess, can now be found on Krista’s blog, Mother. Write. (Repeat.) The other entries are on these blogs: Cupid’s Literary Connection, Love YA, and Brenda Drake Writes. You can also follow the excitement via Twitter on the hashtag #TheWritersVoice.

There is some fantastic writing on display, so please check out the entries. Agents will be leaving their comments on Monday, but until then, the public is welcome to comment and cheer on the contestants (at least until Sunday). No critiques or messages to agents allowed.

To add to the excitement, on May 24 there will be a Writer’s Voice Twitter Pitch party. This part of the contest is open to all 200 entrants of the Writers Voice, regardless of whether they were picked for a team. Agents Vickie Motter of Andrea Hurst Literary Management and John M. Cusick of Scott Treimel NY will be reading twitter pitches under the hashtag #WVTP from 12 pm – 6 pm EDT.

Come take a look!


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