Pitch Wars

Tomorrow morning, the Pitch Wars entries are live on the YA Misfits blog for agents to peruse and (hopefully) make requests. Based on the level of competition, I’m sure the entries will be great (I can’t wait to read through all of them!). Even so, some of them – including mine – might not get requests. This is a subjective business, so it’s hard to know what’s going to grab an agent’s attention.

 But no matter what happens this week, I feel like I’m already a winner, because this contest gave me the opportunity to work with my amazing mentor, Elizabeth Prats. Since she interns for a literary agency, she has a lot of experience weeding through the slush pile and providing editorial suggestions. Not only did she help me polish my pitch, my first page, and my first chapter, but she also read all of PIPER GIRL. She gave me tons of feedback and answered all my questions – no matter how obsessive they were!

What also excited me about this process was putting my mentor’s suggestions to work in revising my manuscript. I had a great time making my villain more villainous, my love interest sweeter, and my poor MC even more stressed about the crazy situation she’s in.

Elizabeth isn’t the only one who put a ton of work into this contest – each of the mentors coached a team consisting of one mentee and two alternates. And they did this in addition to their regular jobs, lives, and their own writing!

So, whatever the outcome, it’s been great ride so far, and a testament to the awesome power of the writing community!

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  1. Your story looks amazing! Makes me proud to be an alternate on your team. 🙂 I would definitely want to read more pages – I love fairy tale retellings, and your pitch is very enticing. Good luck!!

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