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Thursday's Children Blog Hop
Thursday’s Children Blog Hop

As the mom of two kids, I’ve put in a lot of hours as a school volunteer, whether it’s helping out in the classroom, reading stories, baking cupcakes, doing shifts at the annual carnival, or chaperoning field trips. But my favorite gig, hands-down, is working at the Scholastic Book Fair.

What I love most about it is seeing the kids get so excited about books! Seriously, the students look forward to this event for weeks and have a great time making their ‘wishlists’! When I work at the checkout, I’m always curious to see what the kids purchase the most (at the elementary school level, it’s usually the newest Magic Treehouse, Wimpy Kid, or Origami Yoda book). I also love it when I have a little downtime and I can browse through the books myself.

I had been helping out at the Book Fair for a few years when another mom clued me in. “You know there’s a huge Scholastic Warehouse sale twice a year, right? Everything’s half price, sometimes cheaper. And there are a lot more books than just the ones at the Fair.”

I thought maybe I’d have to be a teacher or a librarian to enter. Nope. As a book fair volunteer and PTA member, I was allowed to sign up and get my online discount. And when I went for the first time, during their December sale, I was blown away.

The warehouse I went to (in Brown Deer, Wisconsin) was HUGE, filled with books. Some were recent publications and others had been around for a while (like the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series). There were stacks and stacks of paperbacks, ranging from picture books to MG to older YA, and even a few adult books.Most items were 50% off and some were even cheaper. I bought a bunch of books to give as Christmas gifts, some to donate to the my kids’ classrooms, and a big stack of YA reading material for myself.

IMG_1984 Since then, I go back every year and purchase a cart full of books. Sometimes my kids come with me; other times I go alone and buy the books as gifts. My daughter and I went yesterday, and these are some of the awesome books we came home with.

Even if your house is too full to hold another book, this is a great way to find books to donate to your school or church. A lot of states hold this sale, so if you’re interested, check out the Scholastic Warehouse site.

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7 thoughts on “A Warehouse Full O’ Books

  1. Whoa…another Wisconsinite…how am I missing all of you! I must have been too distracted with planning my trip…(I’m in New Berlin)… And I will have to get back into volunteering at my kids’ book fairs. Now I am regretting missing all those warehouse sales. It’s just been a bit more challenging with my 3yo. But she will be in school soon. Thanks for sharing and helping me to get motivated to go back to working the book fair!

  2. Oh man, my eyes have totally turned emerald green. I loved my university library for the same reason; somehow just being surrounded by all those books made me feel excited and terribly sophisticated 😉 Thank you for joining us!

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