Inspired by Street Teams: Comic Teaser for ONE

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Two weeks till One

This spring, I got to be part of the Street Team for a self-published YA novel called ONE, by Leigh Ann Kopans, which comes out on June 11. Because I was fortunate enough to read ONE as an ARC (an advance reading copy), I can testify that it’s a fantastic book. What’s been really cool about watching Leigh Ann’s journey, as she prepares ONE for publication, is the amazing Street Team she put together. For any writer, especially one with a debut novel coming out, publicizing a book can be a huge slog. Not to mention, there’s the fear of annoying people with constant promotional tweets or Facebook posts. But with a Street Team, all this excitement and promotion and writerly goodwill can be spread out over a much larger group. Together, #TeamONE has spread the word through tweets, blog posts, and advance reviews.

For the final days leading up to the release of ONE, team members have been releasing a series of graphic-novel style teasers, created by Francesca Zappia. I am posting installment #8. For a full list with links to the other installments of this series, go to the author’s blog at:

part5-2 small

I don’t know if I’d ever have the courage or the discipline to self-publish any of my novels, but if I did, I’d be lucky to have a Street Team half as awesome as #TeamONE.

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5 thoughts on “Inspired by Street Teams: Comic Teaser for ONE

  1. Street Teams sound like an awesome idea — I too am wary of overpromoting posts or books. But a team of cheerleaders….

    I also LOVE graphic novel teasers for books… the piece here looks beautiful!

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