2015 Goals

new-year-2015My original blog post for the start of 2015 had my usual writerly resolutions, like “start a new novel,” “read,” and “attend writing conferences.” Nothing wrong with these goals, except that I plan to do all of them in 2015, regardless of whether they’re on a list. If I’m going to make this a stand-out year, I need to exert more effort.

With that in mind, here’s my list for 2015. These aren’t necessarily writing-related, but I’ve found that the best life experiences usually contribute to my writing.

  1. Get out of my comfort zone. In 2008, I went to my first writer’s conference, without knowing a soul there. It was scary, but I did OK. I was anxious when I attended my first Wisconsin RWA meeting in 2011, but I ended up meeting a lot of great people. It’s hard for me to break out of my shell, but it’s almost always worth it, especially when I get to connect with writers in person.
  2. Explore! There are art exhibits, and cool restaurants, and all kinds of things going on in Milwaukee and the suburbs, but I often make excuses not to get out. A lot of the time, I don’t want to deal with driving somewhere new and finding parking, but that makes me sound so old. My goal is to try one new thing a month, even if it’s as simple as a hike at the nature center or dinner at an ethnic restaurant.
  3. Write something new and different. It could be a short story for an anthology, an essay for a contest, or an assignment for an online writing class. I need to step up my game and challenge myself.
  4. Try to enjoy winter more. This is tough for me, because Wisconsin winters are long and cold, and I’m a west coast girl at heart. Now that the kids are older, I don’t have anyone to take sledding and no one wants to build a snowman anymore (I feel a song coming on!). But I could try skating on the nearby creek or snowshoeing.
  5. Go to more movies. Last year, I went to less than ten movies in the theatres, which is nuts, because I LOVE going to the movies. I love all the trailers, I love the big screen, and I love the collective energy of an excited, enthusiastic audience. Yes, movies are crazy-expensive, but we have $5 Tuesdays where I live, which is a great deal. I also need to watch more Bollywood movies, because they’re so much fun and always put me in a good mood.
  6. Write more letters. Over the winter break, I wrote a long letter to a friend that I’d lost touch with. She wrote me back, and it was awesome. This made me realize that it’s not that hard to write a letter or an email to catch up with distant friends.

None of these goals are life-changing or amazing, but I’m already excited, thinking about how I might carry them out.

What about you? Any fun goals for 2015?

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