Piper Girl
YA Contemporary Fantasy/Fairytale Retelling (76,000 words)

Magic and modern science entwine in PIPER GIRL, an urban twist on The Pied Piper.

Seventeen-year-old Marisa Ayala was once a famous circus performer, known for her magical ability to charm animals with her silver flute. But she hasn’t been able to summon so much as a cockroach since she witnessed her brother’s grisly death. When strange rats from Dyna Research Labs invade her barrio, she gets roped into trying her magic again. If she can use her flute to round up Dyna’s lab rats, she’ll rid the neighborhood of the creepy rodents and provide her family with some much-needed cash.

Not only does Marisa succeed in luring the rats, she reveals another facet of her magic–she can control people with her music. She can put them to sleep. Soothe them. Even terrify them. Her powers intrigue Dr. Whitaker, a Dyna scientist with military connections. He makes her a tempting offer: serve as his personal lab rat and he’ll bankroll her college education.

But Marisa’s neighborhood is still at risk. The local rats are infected with a deadly virus, passed on by Dyna’s lab rats. When Marisa offers to lend a hand in their capture, Dr. Whitaker refuses to let her go. He’s not about to lose her, not when she’s the key to developing a powerful new form of mind control. If Marisa wants to save her community–and herself–she’ll have to take on Dyna, no matter how great the risk.


A World Away

YA Contemporary Romance (75,000 words)

Aspiring chef Ivy Ransom can’t believe her luck when her family trades small-town Wisconsin for a five-month stay in Chennai, India. Even though she’ll miss half her senior year, she leaps at the chance to try new recipes and share them on her cooking blog.

But if Ivy wants to stay in India, she’ll have to get top marks in all her online classes. Anything less isn’t an option, not with her parents set on getting her into an elite college. Unless she can keep up her GPA, she’ll be back in Wisconsin before she can master the art of the perfect dosa.

It’s hard to focus on schoolwork when life in Chennai offers so much: cooking lessons, new friends, enticing excursions. And it’s even harder to follow the rules when Ivy falls for Raj, an Indian-American expat who becomes her confidante. As Ivy’s relationship with Raj heats up, she yearns to take control of her life. But if she defies her parents, she could lose the approval she’s worked so hard to earn. Then her culinary adventures in India and her romance with Raj could come to swift end.


Field Rules
YA Contemporary Romance (77,000 words)

When seventeen-year-old Kelsey Barrett wins a scholarship to an archaeological field school in Cyprus, she knows life in the field won’t resemble an Indiana Jones movie. She’s just excited to live out a fantasy she’s had since she was eight. What she doesn’t expect are the harsh conditions: squat toilets, ice-cold showers, camp cots, and early morning wake-up calls. Or that she’ll make enemies on her first day, in the form of the bossy assistant director, and a rival student straight out of “Mean Girls.”

Once field school gets underway, Kelsey’s dreams of finding precious artifacts are quickly replaced by desperate prayers that her asthma and crappy sense of direction won’t slow her down. Her summer looks up when she works with Rick Lancaster, the gorgeous, eighteen-year-old son of the dig director. Under Rick’s guidance, Kelsey learns that her keen attention to detail and geeky cartooning skills are assets in the archaeological world. As her confidence grows, so do her feelings for Rick. Even if he’s a big-time flirt, his charm is impossible to resist.

But when a family crisis propels Rick into acting recklessly, Kelsey has to decide how much she’s willing to risk for him. With two people already gunning for her failure, it won’t take much to cross the line from disobedience to expulsion.


The Fallen Princess
YA Fantasy Romance (85,000 words)

Sent away at age sixteen to serve as an artist in a foreign ruler’s court, Princess Delfina is eager to leave her uncle’s palace. Not only will she get to use her training as a painter of illuminated manuscripts, but she will delay the looming threat of an arranged marriage.

The price to be paid for such an opportunity? She must gather information for her uncle, the ruling Khan of Karavai. No easy task, since she is expected to charm Prince Darclor—one of the Khan’s worst enemies—into sharing his secrets. Yet when she meets the handsome young prince, his deep passion for the arts charms her. But as long as he poses a threat to her homeland, she cannot risk falling in love with him

Upon learning she must return to Karavai to marry a demented, aging monarch, Delfina runs away. Only too late does she discover that her uncle promised her to Darclor instead, to secure an alliance between their kingdoms. When Darclor captures her, seeking revenge for the humiliation she caused him, she must win back his heart. If she doesn’t, he will turn her over to the Khan, who knows just how to punish disobedient nieces–by imprisoning them for life.

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